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Carreer. He writes, acts and directs for various companies of dubious reputation in his hometown and comes into contact with circus and street artists, who give him a completely different vision of how to do his job.

He leaves Madrid and forms “La Itinerante Mayor”: he writes, directs and performs in all his shows: festivals, street, hall, café-theater… this adventure takes him to Barcelona and, almost without realizing it, begins creating the birth of Sonso Clown.

Sonso was born and little by little they realized, Oscar and he, that they were not very different.

In five years of life, he has performed in so many places that he does not remember all, but these are some: Tafalla Va de Calle Festival (Navarra), Fira de Circ al Carrer de la Bisbal d'Empordá (Girona), Theater Festival of "El Ejido" in Almería, has acted at the Sala Fénix (Barcelona) within the gestural humor festival "Somriures", presented by the Cabaret de Tub D'Assaig on the world circus day in Breda, and lately has crossed the border to perform at Les Jeudis de Perpignan (in Perpignan)…

Show 45"

Mondo Momo. ​In addition to being a professional clown, Sonso has a degree in Psychology, has studied dramatic art and has taught classes on this subject ... working with children in both the recreational and educational spheres has been part of his daily life during all these years.

Mondo Momo is a family leisure and children's activities company. It holds events for both families and institutions ... birthdays, baptisms, school parties, town parties, puppets, magic workshops, theater, etc.

Sonso Clown is in collaboration with Mondo Momo in the creation of the show "Bermeio", which is currently in the process of being created. You can check more details about this show here.


Put your event directly in the hands of performing arts professionals.

Sonso Clown // Oscar Moreno. Sonso was born in 2015, Oscar quite a few years before. He may not have been a child prodigy, but he was a precocious clown.

Training. He studies theater in Madrid (in the acting specialty) in Jorge Eines's studio. There he also learns with Hernan Gené, who teaches a technical approach to the Odín Teatret methodology.

A clown is an actor, but also a clown. He studies this art from the point of view of Michel Dallaire, with Christophe Thellier and Fanny Giraud.

He learns circus (juggling, balancing, acrobatics ...) on his own, accompanied, taking specific classes, intensive courses and, above all, practicing and sharing in the Tub d’Assaig Circus Association. He also has a degree in Psychology and a Master in Theater Studies from the Institut del Teatre. Quite a catch!

Collaborations. Sonso Clown collaborates with various entities and belongs to many more.

He belongs to the Tub d'Assaig Circus Association, where he is always in constant learning, and also teaches at the Circus School (for children).

Sonso is also part of the Association of  Circus Professionals of Catalonia.

On the other hand, since 2018 he is co-creator of the Mondo Momo Family Leisure and Children's Activities project.

Work in progress

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